Ion Corcos Published – Panoply

Ion Corcos has just had a poem, My God, published in Panoply. You can read the poem here.

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Crescent Moon

Words funnelled into my ears
thick oil from your mouth
poisonous additives
seep through cracks in long pipelines,
your ugly, stitched mouth
a starved tiger
hanging on trees with monkeys.

Torn mouth
hooked on a puppet string
a fish writhing in the air
a velvet carrot,
death in the clutch of a grizzly bear,
soul crunched into a limp.

Wild eyes like ravines,
unconquered creeks;
I find treasures,
continents; others drown.

Your tree smile
like the monkey swings,
runs amok, blood stains
the corner of your mouth,
threaded red socks,
your cheeks, the flash of a bird,
your ears petals.

Barnacles on my feet,
hitched on the howl
of a cactus dog,
clocks that never tell
like the rose thorns you keep in your ears.
When we met you were a cloud,
now you are the steel-grey sky
that paints the river.

First Published Axolotl Issue 1 2014