Published Poetry

Links to Journals in which Poetry is published

Word Life – Without Fox, Traveller
Amethyst Review – Perfect Stack
Front Porch Review – Ampharete
DNA Magazine – If I Hadn’t Visited Turkey
Amethyst Review – Too Close to See
Panoply – My God
Atrium – Winter in Italy
Here Comes Everyone – Seal Cub
Foxglove Journal – fisherman
Foxglove Journal – Pacific Black Duck
Vine Leaves Literary Journal – Dusk, Roman Agora
Amaryllis – Wild Tiger
Optimum – Spice Jars
Verdancies Journal – The Sacred, White Mountains
Allegro Poetry Magazine – White Heron
Panoply – Like a King
Plum Tree Tavern – White-bellied Sea Eagle
Plum Tree Tavern – Butcherbird
Dodging the Rain – Silver Gulls, Leaving, Overgrown Garden, Waiting
The Weekly Avocet – Blue Mussels
Foxglove Journal – Earthworms
Foxglove Journal – The Moon
DNA Magazine – What I Would Take Up to a Mountain
Foxglove Journal – Chrisi Akti
Caught In the Net (CITN) – On This Rock, Marsh Frog, Winter in Crete, Ithica from a Ferry
The Literary Nest – Mountain Water
Autumn Sky Poetry Daily – Night Rain
Red Eft Review – Eurasian Coot
The High Window – Sister, Gum Trees, We Come in Boats to See Them
Front Porch Review – August
Australian Poetry Journal – Eating With Two Forks
Half Way Down the StairsBay of Loutro, Brown Bear
Right Hand Pointing – Tree House
Clear Poetry – A Different Life, Bonelli’s Eagle, The Dark
Peacock Journal – In Praise, On the River Bank, Seal Woman, Ancient Forest
Concis – Night Prowl
Halcyon Days – red tractor
November Bees – Love in Time
Grey Sparrow Journal – The Long Summer
Rose Red Review – Black Widow
The Literary Nest – Paperbark
Halcyon Days – Like Yellow Suns, by the sea
Communion – Flat Rock
Shot Glass Journal – Baking Apple Strudel
The Write Place at the Write Time – A Hard Man
Squawk Back – Masked Lapwing, White Ginger Cat, Beside Pigeons
Three Drops from a Cauldron – Elizabeth Starts Again with a Little Taste of Honey
Mandala Journal – Journey
Front Porch Review – Old Skins
Plum Tree Tavern – Remnants
Halcyon Days – Terracotta Pot, Quiet
Plum Tree Tavern – Black-headed Ibis
Plum Tree Tavern – White Cove
Plum Tree Tavern – Sooty Oystercatcher
Fox Adoption Magazine – In the Sleep of Woods
Autumn Sky Poetry Daily – Not Winter
Fox Adoption Magazine – All the Birds Have Gone
These Fragile Lilacs – Easter in Chania
Ishaan Literary Review – Sheltered, Faceless Women
Bitterzoet – Notes at a Park
Message in a Bottle – Adrift, Still Life
Axolotl – Crescent Moon, After a Study of Lizards, I Shed My Skin
Every Writer – Stillness
The Greensilk Journal – In the Tide
Lake City Lights – Nightfall & Eucalypt Forest

Please note that poetry will be added to this website when it is published.

Republished Poems

Caught in the Net (CITN) – Brown Bear, Ancient Forest, Seal Woman, Eurasian Coot, Gum Trees, Quiet
Quatrain.Fish – Like Yellow Suns
Quatrain.Fish – Quiet
Into the Void – After a Study of Lizards
Plum Tree Tavern – Black-headed Ibis

Competition Poems

Rush Poetry Competition – 2nd Place (A Spoon of Honey)
Earlyworks Press Poetry Competition – Shortlisted (I Have Seen it Happen Before)
Sentinel Literary Quarterly – Highly Commended (By the Rice Paddy)
Poetry Kit Summer Competition 2016 – Winner (Ithaca from a Ferry)
Concis Pith of Prose & Poem Contest 2016– One of Six Honorable Mentions (Night Prowl)


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