Ion Corcos Published – Word Life

Ion Corcos has just had a poem, Octopus, published in Word Life, part of Manchester’s Now Then magazine. You can read the poem here and below it read Oak Tree, one of two poems in this issue written by his partner, Lisa Reily.


Ion Corcos Published – The High Window

Ion Corcos has just had four poems, Traveller, Dancing Bear, Your Dying and Blue Shells, published in The High Window. You can read the poems here.

Spoon of Honey – a small extract

An extract from the title poem of Ion Corcos’ pamphlet, A Spoon of Honey, published by Flutter Press.


Spoon of Honey

I thought coming to a barren mountain,
sheer cliffs full of shadow,
the lone eagle, dry cuts on the slopes,
I thought that I would find
the truth.
If I walked beside
stone walls, picked up fallen rocks
and looked beneath them,
that I would find my name.
A spoon of honey,
a corridor underground…


The pamphlet, A Spoon of Honey, is available to purchase here.