She sweeps the bed sheets smooth,
presses wrinkles with a sigh
but leaves shadows behind;
careless words hurled hard;
shuts the wooden window
from gusts and wet sea salt.

Behind glass
the ocean crushes down
echoes on the widowed shore
his boat smashed on moonless rocks
one year ago.

She picks two eggs to crack,
beats with a tic and twitch,
thrashes at her thoughts,
crushes a broken shell.

As words waste to the dead
butter burns in the iron pan,
black smoke veils her face.

She leaves the kitchen cold
retreats to the bedroom pane
and from behind the glass
watches the muted ocean
cast with lingering words
he refused to heed.

He chose to fish,
enticed by the sea
that pulled them here.

The wind lashes
with desperate knocks,
howls through flotsam
thrust with the tide,
remnants buried
she leaves the storm,
pulls the curtains close.

First Published Ishaan Literary Review Issue 6 2015


3 thoughts on “Sheltered

    • Thanks for taking the time to read my work Marianne. Both poems were written a few years ago during different online poetry courses I was studying. Thank you for your thoughtful and considered response. I appreciate your comments. Great to hear from you.

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